Thank you for considering Uniqueglow for your wholesale needs. We are thrilled to offer you our premium product at wholesale prices to help you grow your business. Please take a moment to review our wholesale policy outlined below:


Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) Requirements 

In order to qualify for wholesale pricing, customers must meet our MOQ requirements. This ensure that we can provide you with the best pricing and service possible. The MOQ amount is 15 lashes in total. Orders below the MOQ amount will be processed at retail prices and won't receive free shipping


Free Shipping and Packaging 

All wholesale orders are eligible for free shipping if you reach the MOQ and located in United Sates. Additionally, packaging materials are included  at no extra cost to ensure your products arrive safely and in pristine condition.


Labeling Instructions

If you wish to have your lashes labeled with their name on it, please include this request in the order instructions during checkout. We off this service to help you maintain brand consistency and professionalism. If no labeling instructions are provided, we will assume you opt out of this service.


Retail Orders Placed with Wholesale Lashes

Any retail orders placed alongside wholesale lashes will be processed separately. Customers will be refunded for wholesale items, and only the retail lash order will be fulfilled. This ensures that retail orders are processed efficiently and accurately.



We aim to provided you with a seamless wholesale experience and are committed to supporting your business growth. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us via email at uniqueglowinfo@gmail.com. That you for choosing Uniqueglow. We look forward to serving you and building a successful partnership together.